Woozworld Spies Giveaway!
Thanks too all of you views out there, we finally hit 30k views, and this calls for a colorable Londoness giveaway!
What is your woozen name?

Do you have any outfits to submit for Outfit Of The Week? 1 outfit = 1 raffle ticket! If you don't, no worries! Just skip this question :) If you do, MAKE SURE to include a name for the outfit as well as the items you're wearing! =)

Copy the URL of the outfit and paste it here! NOTE: **You can only submit up to 3 outfits**
Have you followed us on Google+? Follow me @QueenRosie1 to automatically follow the blog's group! If you have followed us, please include your Google+ username so we can check.

No information will be used outside of for raffle purposes.
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Submit a Spy Story! 1 story = 1 ticket Just write a continuation of this story and you will be awared 1-3 tickets depending on how well you've done! (All the tickets will be kept track of on the Giveaway page)

You may only submit once. This week's story topic: I grabbed his/her hand as we walked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while...
Have you submit a suggestion for us? If you haven't already, go ahead and give us one now!

You can submit as many suggestions as you like, but you can only get one ticket.
Want another ticket? Put this blog in your status! It must remain in your status until the giveaway is over and you will earn 2 tickets!

Please include your username in the answer box so we know that you have :) Also, include the date that you started putting it there.
BONUS ticket! Just because you filled out this form means you get a free ticket! Woohoo! Include your username below c;

Thanks for entering! Good luck! The winner will be picked in a week! (August 23rd)
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